Collect information about your guests

Understand how to collect and retrieve information about your guests.

How can I collect information about my guests?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

👉 Go to your Meeting Types and select the meeting concerned.

👉 Go tho the "Questions" tab and start adding your first question.

👉 Adjust your questions settings:

1 - Write your question or the info you'd like to collect from your guest.

2 - By switching this toggle, you can quickly turn one question on or off.

3 - Make your question mandatory (you guest won't be able to confirm the booking without providing a reply to questions made mandatory).

4 - Choose the type of reply that your guest can provide from:

  • One line Text
  • Several line Text
  • Multiple choices
  • Unique choice

👉 You can preview your question.s:

Where can I see information about my guests?

Each time someone books a call with you, the call is logged in your Meeting scheduled section.

Go there and clik on one metting.

By doing that, a panel will open on the right side of your screen displaying:

1 - The default info we collect about your guest:
  • Their name
  • Email address

💡 You can even add their LinkedIn profile and send them a quick email from there if need be.

  • The meeting basic info such as Event type, date and time as well as the location.
  • Who's attending (in case your guest invites more people from their team for example)

2 - The replies to all the questions you've asked on your booking page:

That's it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support 😊