Connect lemcal with any tool via API

Use lemcal API to create more integrations

The lemcal API offers a comprehensive set of endpoints that allow developers and users alike to interact with lemcal's services programmatically. From managing events and calendars to retrieving user information, the API facilitates a broad spectrum of operations, making it an invaluable resource for customizing and extending the functionality of lemcal. Detailed documentation, including available endpoints, request formats, and response data, can be found at lemcal's Developer Documentation. 📆

Getting Started with API Integration

Before diving into the technical aspects of API integration, you'll need to generate an API key. This key serves as a unique identifier and token for authentication, ensuring secure communication between lemcal and the external tool or service you wish to connect with. 🔑

To generate an API key, follow these steps:

  • Log into your lemcal account
  • Go to the Integration section under Settings
  • Click on the Generate New key button to generate an API key

Once generated, your new API key will be displayed. It's crucial to copy and securely store this key, as it will not be shown again. Treat your API key as sensitive information, similar to a password.

With your API key in hand, you're ready to connect lemcal with other tools and platforms. When setting up the integration on the external tool's side, you'll typically be asked to provide the API key. This establishes a secure link between the lemcal and the tool, allowing for data exchange and operations to be performed automatically. 🙌

The lemcal Developer Documentation provides comprehensive details on how to integrate and utilize lemcal's API, covering authentication, rate limits, meetings, and webhooks management. It outlines the process for authenticating API requests, managing rate limits to prevent overload, listing and creating meetings, and setting up hooks for meeting notifications. Additionally, it includes error-handling advice for common issues encountered during API integration.

Happy scheduling! ❤️