lemcal x Zapier integration

Learn how to connect my lemcal to Zapier and what are the usecases

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With Zapier you'll be able to connect lemcal to other apps! 💥

Zapier is an amazing tool that will allow you to save hours weekly by automating all your repetitive tasks. ⏱🏆


How can I connect lemcal to Zapier?


You’ll find here your login and password (unique to yourself)


➡️ Your password would be the same as your API key, so make sure you copy paste your API key safely once you generate it as you'll only see it once.

After that for security reasons, if you lose that key, you'll have to generate a new one and hence, change the key in all your tech stack requiring that key.


➡️ Go on lemcal Zapier page integration through the indicated link: https://zapier.com/apps/lemcal/integrations

➡️ To allow Zapier to access your lemcal account, use your unique login and password 🗝

What are use cases in which I can use the lemcal x Zapier integration?


💡 Automating Appointment Notifications

Scenario: Automatically send an email or SMS reminder to participants before a meeting.

How it works: When an appointment is scheduled in lemcal, Zapier triggers an action to send a notification via an email or SMS service.


💡 Synchronization with CRM

‍Scenario: Automatically update contact information in the CRM system when a new appointment is made.

How it works: When a new appointment is created in lemcal, Zapier synchronizes the contact details with the CRM, keeping all the information up-to-date.


💡 Lead Management

‍Scenario: Automatically add new leads to a mailing list or a marketing automation tool.

How it works: When a lead schedules a meeting via lemcal, Zapier can add this contact to a specific mailing list, allowing for targeted communication.


💡 Integration with Collaboration Tools

‍Scenario: Automatically create a dedicated discussion channel for each new scheduled meeting.

How it works: When a meeting is scheduled in lemcal, Zapier can create a channel in Slack or Microsoft Teams, making collaboration and meeting preparation easier.


If you have any other questions you can always ask all your questions in the chat ❤️