Lemcal’s Pro Plan: The Ultimate Scheduling Solution for Businesses

Elevate Your Business with Enhanced Features

For businesses looking for more power and customization in their scheduling, lemcal’s Pro plan offers an extended suite of features designed to cater to a professional environment. Here’s how the Pro plan can transform your business scheduling:

Advanced Calendar Management

  • Multiple Calendars: Sync up to five calendars to manage a team or multiple services efficiently.

Professional Touch

  • Branding: Remove the lemcal trademark for a branded scheduling experience.
  • Ultra-Personalized Booking Page: Customize your booking page to align with your company’s branding.

Business Growth Tools

  • Unlimited Meeting Types: Offer as many meeting types as your business requires, with no restrictions.
  • Paid Meetings/Bookings: Integrate payment processing for appointments, adding a revenue stream to your business.

Team Coordination

  • Round Robin: Automatically distribute meetings among team members to balance workloads.
  • Teams Feature: Organize your staff’s schedules and manage their appointments seamlessly.

Integration and Automation

  • Embed on Your Website: Integrate lemcal’s scheduling page directly on your business website for a professional look.
  • Webhook Integration: Connect lemcal with other tools and services for advanced automation capabilities.

Enhanced Engagement

  • Customized Questions: Gather all the necessary information from your clients by customizing booking questions.
  • Group Events: Host and manage events effortlessly, perfect for workshops or seminars.

Exclusive Pro Features

  • Reminders Custom: Send out personalized reminder notifications to reduce no-shows.
  • Custom Booking: Offer clients an ultra-personalized booking experience with additional customization options.


The Pro plan is competitively priced at 9€ per month with an attractive annual discount, making it an affordable option for small businesses looking to enhance their scheduling capabilities.

Who’s it for?

The Pro plan is ideal for small businesses and teams that require comprehensive scheduling features. It’s for those who value their brand and are looking to optimize every interaction with their clients.