Lemcal’s Standard Plan: Streamline Your Scheduling at No Cost

Scheduling Simplified for Individuals

In today’s hustle, efficient time management can make all the difference. Lemcal’s Standard plan is designed with the individual user in mind, offering a robust set of features that bring simplicity and order to your scheduling without costing a dime. Here's what you can expect:

Calendar Connectivity

  • One Calendar Management: Integrate with one Google or Microsoft calendar to centralize your appointments and avoid overbooking.

Seamless Integration

  • Google Chrome Extension: Use lemcal directly from your browser for swift scheduling actions.
  • Video Conference Integrations: Leverage Google Meet and Zoom within lemcal for all your virtual meetings.

Flexibility in Meetings

  • Active Meeting Types: Set up three different types of meetings, like consultations, follow-ups, or check-ins.
  • Unlimited Availability: Offer unlimited availability schedules to your clients, making sure they find a slot that works for them.

Additional Perks

  • Configuration Import: Effortlessly import your existing configurations to get started with lemcal in no time.
  • Group Events: Organize events that require collective participation, such as classes or group discussions.

Who’s it for?

The Starter plan is perfect for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, or anyone just getting their feet wet with online scheduling. It’s an excellent way to experience the benefits of lemcal with zero investment.