Start with lemcal - the onboarding phase

How to smash your lemcal onboarding

Want to learn how to start with lemcal?

Here's a step by step of what you should expect.

First of all, know that if you already have a lemlist or a lemwarm account, you have the possibility to access your lemcal dashboard for a quick set up (you can jump directly to point 2)

1 - If you don't have any lemlist nor lemwarm account, you'll have to crete your user account from scratch.

Fill in your credentials, accept the terms and let's go!!

2 - You will then land to the welcome screen from which you can start customizing your booking page, add social widgets, etc...

3 - You can now start linking your socials which will allow you to add and display some cool widgets on your final booking page.



- Don't forget to choose a lemcal username:

- You can also choose a background image from our image bank :)

4 - Next step allow you to connect your calendars and import your Calendly settings if you already had events that you'd like quickly duplicated in lemcal.

- When it comes to calendars, you can quickly link either Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365 Calendar:

The process of linking them is really easy: simply click on the provider of your choice, a pop up window will open asking you which Google / Microsoft account you'd like to link. Then another step will ask you to allow lemcal to access your events which you'll have to accept.

Then TA-DA! Another box checked:

- To import your Calendly settings the process is just as easy:

Click on "Import Calendly Settings"

A pop-up will window will appear asking you to confirm the logins of the Calendly account you want to import your settings from.

Once your credentials confirmed, you'll be offered with all your existing Calendly meeting types and availabilities that you can choose to import in lemcal:

You can now "Import configuration" and you'll land on your lemcal dashboard.

That was the last step, it’s really smooth and easy isn't it?

If you’d like to get into more detail on a specific part of lemcal, feel free to browse the rest of our help center, we have more articles classified by subject!