Understand your Settings section

Learn everything you need to now about adjusting your different settings in lemcal

Hey there!

Wondering what you can do in the settings section?

This article is for you!

How can I access my Settings?

1 - Look at your left menu - and find the last line "Settings"

2- Clicking on the Toggle, you'll discover 3 sub-menus:

  • Booking Settings
  • Preferences
  • Integrations

3 sections where you can pretty much adjust the setting you first did dur!ng your onboarding - nothing is set in. stone!

Let's cover each section together.

Booking settings

In your Booking settings, you get to:

1 - adjust your user name

2 - Write a little bio about yourself that people booking calls with your would be able to see.

3 - Add any social media links you'd like, as well as link leading towards your website or portfolio.


This is where you get to adjust you preferred calendars and default meeting provider.

➡️ Calendar Provider

In case you have more than one calendars you'd like to sync, this is where you can decide of that.

Example below with Google Calendar:

➡️ Meeting location

Choose which provider should be used by default for all booked meetings.

➡️ Cancel message

Write a message that will automatically be sent to your leads when you're cancelling a meeting.

➡️ Import configuration

You can import your Calendly configuration.

Full article about this is here.


This is the section where you will be able to find all the different providers you have connected to lemcal ... and disconnect them!

That's it!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team 😃