Understanding sections in your meeting type 🤓

How to Configure Your Meeting Type Settings in lemcal

Welcome to your go-to guide for tailoring your Lemcal meetings to perfection! Here at lemcal, we're all about making your scheduling experience as smooth as peanut butter. So, let's dive into the eight cozy corners of Lemcal's meeting-type settings:

  • General
  • Availability
  • Scheduling Preferences
  • Questions
  • Reminders
  • Round Robin
  • Paid Booking
  • Embed.

Each section is like a friendly neighborhood, ready to make your meetings shine. ✨


Think of the General section as the living room of your meeting settings. Here, you can:

  • Name Your Meeting: Give it a name that pops!
  • Customize Your Scheduling Link: You can choose how the link will look like
  • Describe the meeting: What's this meeting all about?
  • Duration: How long's the meeting? Hours or minutes, you decide.
  • Event location: You can select where the meeting will happen. Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, Skype, phone, or somewhere unique. Selecting Google Meet or Zoom, for example, will automatically generate meeting link for the meeting as soon as it's scheduled
  • Color: Select the color of the meeting that will make it shine!
  • Confirmation Redirect URL: Send guests to a custom URL (that you can add) just 5 seconds post-booking.
  • Additional guests: This individual will automatically receive invitations to all meetings associated with this specific meeting type. More, the merrier, right?


Here's where you tell us when you're up for a chat. Pick the available times that you previously set in the Availability section, and we'll make sure your meetings only happen then. It's like setting your open hours! ⏰

Scheduling preferences

This area lets you play around with how meetings get on your calendar. You can set up:

  • Required notice: Ask for a heads up. Need notice? You got it. Minutes, hours, days, or weeks.
  • Buffers: You can set up buffers before and after the meeting. It prevents your meetings from running into each other by setting up breaks.
  • Time slots increment: Define the interval between meetings, ranging from a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.
  • Maximum Meetings Per Day: Limit the number of meetings per day, either to a specific number or unlimited.


Got questions for your guests? Here's where you craft them. Make them fun, make them serious, it's your call! Options include:

  • Question Type: Decide whether answers should be one line, several lines, multiple choice, or a unique choice.
  • Mandatory or Optional: Specify if answering the questions is required for booking.
  • Customization: Add as many questions as you see fit to gather necessary information from participants.
  • Push to a lemlist campaign: You can push your guests who haven't answered all the questions into a lemlist campaign.


Don't let anyone miss out on the fun! Set up email reminders to nudge your participants.


  • Timing: Determine when the reminder should be sent (days, hours, or minutes before the meeting).
  • Content: Tailor the message content to suit the meeting context.

Round Robin

Want to spread the meeting love evenly across your team? Turn on Round Robin, and pick your players and their playing times. It's all about fair play and sharing the spotlight.

Configuration options include:

  • User Selection: Choose which users to include in the round-robin.
  • Schedules and Priority: Assign schedules and set the priority for each selected user.

Paid Booking

Transform your meetings into chargeable services with the Paid Booking section. Note that this feature is not supported in the Embed section. Settings include:

  • Payment Integration: Connect with Stripe for payment processing.
  • Pricing and Currency: Set the cost of your booking and the applicable currency.


Integrate your lemcal widget directly into your website by placing the provided code into your HTML. This allows participants to access your scheduling page seamlessly from your site. 💻

And there you have it! By tweaking these settings, you're not just organizing meetings; you're crafting experiences. Ready to get started? Let's make your meetings the highlight of everyone's day! 🤩