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lemcal Review: How to Get More Meetings in 2024

Tristan BERGUER - Product Manager lemcal
Liucija Adomaite
Content Writer at lemcal

April 24, 2024

In the United States, 11 million meetings are held every day. Statistics show that people lose almost 5 hours a week scheduling them.

Moreover, 57% of professionals agree that failure to attend meetings is the biggest cost to their company.

And even when you schedule the meeting, you can still lose leads to no-shows. The data reveals that 96% of working people have missed meetings.

Entrepreneurs like you tackle these problems every day. The challenge is easier said than done: How to save time, have more valuable meetings and reduce no-shows?

The solution is simple - you need a meeting scheduler app like lemcal to automate the process, streamline scheduling, and get more meetings.

lemcal is a feature-rich meeting scheduler tool that focuses on innovative scheduling, ultra-customization, and reduced no-shows. It helps you to create memorable experiences for your prospects from the first encounter.

In this table, we wrapped up what you can expect from using lemcal as your go-to meeting scheduler:

Pricing (per user per month)
$0 / $7 billed yearly (or $9 billed monthly)
Free Version
Full Customization
Personalized Booking Page
Profile Video
Meeting Types
Free plan - 3 Meeting types
$9 plan - Unlimited
Round Robin
Paid Booking
Customer Support
Live chat
Compatibility (Google and Microsoft)
Migration from Other Platforms
One click
No-show Rate
Down to 30%
G2 Rating

💡What does lemcal bring to the table?

lemcal’s features are designed to bring the users multiple benefits, including:

  • Boost your productivity
  • Save your and your prospects’ time
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Increase engagement
  • Qualify your prospects
  • Enhance your brand recognition
  • Make scheduling stress-free and automate the process
  • Mirror your company or personal brand

🎯 The solution that's more than about scheduling

lemcal is about making every interaction with you memorable from the first contact. Ultimately, each memorable interaction gets you more meaningful meetings → and turns your prospects into customers 💲💲💲.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the steps to achieve it. You will learn what lemcal is, how to use it, and why you should use it. We will uncover this tool’s features, including its pros and cons.

In the end, we will reveal our final verdict so you can pick the meeting scheduling solution that works best for you. So, let's get to it step-by-step.

WHAT IS lemcal?

lemcal is the feature-rich meeting scheduling tool. It automatically sets up all your meetings with high personalization.

It eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth arrangements and helps you book more meetings.

lemcal is very user-friendly and allows you to customize your booking page, increase engagement, reduce no-show rates and land leads, and boost conversion rates.

At its core, lemcal creates meaningful meetings with human interaction that bring actual results.

Increase 2X your productivity one meeting at a time!

Do you need lemcal?

You do if you want to stress less and book more.

lemcal is an excellent user-friendly solution if you face any of these typical time and meeting management problems:

  • Arranging time slots that suit all the participants consumes a lot of time
  • Tired of asking your prospects what “day and time” suits them
  • Don’t get responses to your invitations
  • Don’t want to put off your prospects by sending a generic link
  • Are overwhelmed with facilitating multiple meetings
  • Get a lot of no-shows
  • Your daily work schedule is not efficient

lemcal is designed to solve the multiple needs of busy people, including those of:

  • Solopreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Infopreneurs
  • Startup managers
  • Salespeople
  • Dynamic professionals

It is an essential helper in optimizing your daily work schedules quickly and efficiently, with budget-friendly pricing plans.

lemcal: Key benefits

There are multiple reasons to make lemcal in charge of your daily work schedule, and they all boil down to the fact that it brings actual results. By automatically managing your meetings with a human touch, lemcal allows you to create personalized invitations that are impossible to resist. Your customized booking page that mirrors your brand engages your prospects and leaves a lasting impression. Meetings that are packed with value and context are much less likely to end in no-shows.

So here is what to expect from using lemcal as your go-to meeting scheduling tool:

  • Immersive experience for your prospects Create a highly customizable booking page
  • Enriched invitation → Add context to your proposed meeting
  • Increased prospect engagement → Match your invitation to the specific needs of each lead
  • Personal touch in automated booking Fully personalize your meeting invitation
  • Seamless integration Easily integrate with calendars, like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook
  • Optimized workflow Pick between individual and team use to work more effectively
  • Monetized meetings → Connect directly to your Stripe account for paid meetings
  • Ultra boost in conversions lemcal users benefit from native integration with lemlist
  • Enhanced brand recognition → Enrich and customize your booking page with various widgets that best represents your brand
  • Alternative to Calendly → Budget friendly price for a feature-rich tool
  • User friendly experience Time efficient and stress free
  • Gets you more meetings Leads to more conversions

Using lemcal - Pros and Cons

Below, we listed some of the most significant benefits of using lemcal so you can better understand what to expect from this tool.

lemcal Pros ✅

  • Easy registration: Onboarding is less than 3 minutes, and you have your personalized and connected booking page ready to roll your meetings. It can’t get easier than this.
  • Instant switch from Calendly. It takes one click to import all your configurations to lemcal.
  • Ultra customization. A fully customizable lemcal booking page allows you to build and enhance your personal and company brand.
  • Personalize your invitation. Add context to your meeting invitation, and make it irresistible.
  • Integrations with multiple calendars: With just two clicks, you can connect all your tools, such as Google, Microsoft, and Zapier. You can also connect thousands of other tools through webhooks.
  • Easy to export: Add a lemcal page to your website.
  • Best price: The Pro plan with unlimited features is cheaper than Calendly (and your frappuccino.)
  • 🔥 HOT design
  • Free trial: lemcal offers a generous 14-day free trial with access to all features.

lemcal Cons ❌

  • lemcal free plan is currently limited to connecting a single calendar and to three active meeting types.
  • lemcal doesn’t have native integration with Hubspot for now, so you must use webhooks. The good news is that lemcal Hubspot integration is coming soon! 🎉

lemcal: Key Features

We will break down the main features of lemcal so that you can see if it fits your current needs and future goals.

1. Ultra Customization

lemcal ultra customization feature allows you to create a highly personalized booking page that creates an immersive experience for your prospects. You can choose between different layout styles (feed or minimalist).

Moreover, you can add various widgets to enrich your booking page. These widgets can include LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos, Loom videos, X (Twitter) posts, Google Maps points of interest, testimonials, images, and external links like press articles or blog posts.

Engaging your prospects with activities, services, and products before the meeting starts reduces no-show rates.

The ultra customization feature of lemlist brings some major benefits crucial for booking more meetings and boosting conversion.

This feature is designed to:

  • Maximize Conversions: Create a perfect booking page by customizing it and adding relevant context to convert your prospects into appointments. Lemcal allows you to create a unique experience for your prospects that they cannot resist. This is a straightforward way to land an appointment and close a deal.
  • Enhance Personal Branding: Customizing your booking page highlights your brand or your company's brand. This way, you turn the booking process into an extension of your website and immediately boost your online presence.
  • Advance Qualification: Asking your prospects questions before the meeting allows you to qualify your prospects. This way, you ensure the time spent in meetings is productive and relevant.

How to customize your lemcal booking page to get more meetings:

  • Add a profile status that is similar to your social networks. It allows for an additional touch of information.
  • Choose the relevant banner image. Ideally, the banner image should match the background and the avatar images for striking visual coherence. But you can always experiment and see what works for you.
  • Use paid reservations to monetize your time with lemcal.
  • Pick the image with Unsplash or upload your image. This level of customization immerses the visitor of your booking page in your universe. Moreover, it packs value into your personal branding.
  • Create a presentation of your profile that is neither short nor long.
  • Add your favorite links to allow visitors to learn more about you outside of lemcal.
  • Create a Loom video to introduce yourself and your lemcal page in the feed theme.
  • Create and send customized forms to ask questions. It will allow you to better qualify your prospects. It’s an excellent way to request specific information from the participants, set the meeting agenda, or learn more about your prospects to have a valuable meeting.

💡 Pro Tip:

Even when you send out the questions to your prospects in a lemcal customized booking form, the chances are they will not answer them.

Your prospects may not reply to you at all.

The solution is simple. You can automatically retarget your prospects by integrating lemcal into a lemlist follow-up campaign.

2. lemcal: the Best Alternative to Calendly

lemcal is an excellent alternative to Calendly and is designed for solopreneurs, startups, and dynamic professionals.

This is our video analysis of lemcal VS Calendly:

While Calendly aims to reach as many people as possible, lemcal targets many prospects with a personal touch.

As a result, lemcal creates a unique experience for your prospects by allowing you to customize your booking page fully.

It helps attract leads, reduce no-shows, and build your personal and company brand.

Calendly lacks such a personalization and has an overall generic approach to scheduling.

→ lemcal lets you import your Calendly in one click. The switch is so seamless you don’t have to think about it.

💲lemcal is free. The lemcal Free plan offers three meeting types while the Calendly Free plan gives you only one. In addition, the lemcal Pro plan with unlimited features costs $9, compared with $10 for the Standard Calendly plan.

3. WOW Layouts 🔥

The first impression is crucial. This is where visual appeal enters the screen.

lemcal allows you to choose between layout themes with a wow effect for your booking page. This way, your lemcal booking page immerses visitors in a unique experience. It makes you instantly stand out from the others.

Select between feed or minimalist designs to see which layout best reflects your brand and effectively communicates with your prospects.

Feed Layout

Minimalist Layout

Booking Pages from lemcal users

4. Integration with Multiple Calendars

For entrepreneurs, time management can be a challenge. lemcal is an all-round solution:

  • No more double bookings. lemcal allows you to connect to multiple calendars simultaneously.
  • Switching between your professional and personal calendars is smooth and efficient.
  • Multiple calendar integration is particularly useful for individuals and teams managing numerous schedules and working within diverse ecosystems.

That is why lemcal is the most optimized scheduling software for entrepreneurs.

5. Round Robin for team scheduling

The round-robin function evenly distributes meetings among team members, ensuring a well-balanced workload.

It allows efficient availability management and is ideal for organizing appointments and demos without overburdening anyone.

It's an excellent solution for sales and customer service teams, simplifying scheduling and maximizing productivity.

6. Paid Meetings

The paid meeting feature in lemcal is designed for professionals and businesses looking to monetize their services directly through their scheduling platform.

This feature is very useful for consultants, coaches, trainers, and anyone offering paid appointments or sessions. It helps boost business revenue easily.

By integrating with Stripe, lemcal facilitates automatic payment processing during booking, ensuring a smooth (and secure) transaction for both the provider and the client.

💡Pro Tip: The paid booking automates various processes, ensuring that each booking generates a secure and immediate payment. Thus, it optimizes cash flow and reduces provider administration.

7. Lemlist Integration

The lemcal + lemlist combo works in sync to boost conversion rates.

lemlist is an AI-powered cold email outreach and automation tool to make your bulk emails feel one-on-one.

Integrating lemcal and lemlist allows you to automate and effectively personalize your prospecting.

By connecting the lemcal calendar via lemlist's email automation, you can simplify the process by booking directly from your prospecting campaigns.

This will ensure a complete journey from initial contact to deal signing.

💡 Pro Tip: Retargeting Function.

In addition to the native integration between lemcal and the lemlist, you can also integrate a sophisticated retargeting strategy.

Lemcal lets you identify prospects who initiated but did not complete the booking process.

It automatically sends them a follow-up email.

This function is an innovation designed to:

  • Improve engagement rates
  • Optimize sales funnels
  • Ensure that you don’t lose potential leads

Pricing 💲

lemcal offers two pricing plans to accommodate the needs of all types of organizations.

Starter Plan: Free

Start reducing no-shows for solopreneurs and founders

It's a free package with multiple features to optimize your time and appointment management.

Pro Plan: 7$/month billed yearly or 9$/month billed monthly

Start reducing team no-shows and automate the processes

This plan unlocks advanced features like advanced meeting types, unlimited scheduling, and even more customization.

💡 Pro Tip: Try the Pro Plan free of charge for 14 days.

lemcal offers a generous 14-day free trial with access to all Pro Plan features. After 14 days, you get automatically added to the Starter Plan unless you decide to continue.

What lemcal users say

lemcal is highly rated by its users on specialized rating, comparison, and product launch sites like Product Hunt.

✅ Positive Reviews

Here is what lemcal users have to say:

  • Effective, feature-rich, and user-friendly tool. lemcal users call it a “game changer.” They praise the tool’s customizable booking page and seamless user experience.
  • Users praise lemcal's value for money. You get much more than just streamlined scheduling for free or only $7 when opting for a paid plan.
  • Better than Calendly. Multiple users found lemcal to be a better alternative to Calendly. People think that lemcal is more convenient, cheaper, easier to use, and brings better results.

❌ Negative reviews

Certain users have expressed reservations, including occasional bug reports, pricing considerations, and limitations depending on the plan.

The Verdict

lemcal is your go-to tool for automated meeting scheduling with a highly personal touch.

It stands out from the other booking software because it does more than just schedule meetings.

lemcal allows you to create a memorable experience for your prospects from the first encounter. 

lemcal's booking page lets you create a wow effect that mirrors your brand and uniquely represents your company.

Thanks to its ultra-customizable features, seamless integration capabilities, and budget-friendly pricing plans, lemcal secures a solid top position in the scheduling market.

To sum up, lemcal is an excellent booking solution with multiple benefits that are ideal for busy professionals who want to get more valuable meetings.

Many lemcal users report positive reviews, while negative reviews are relatively rare.

Why We Like It 🤩

lemcal offers a free plan with the most features available compared to other free plans on the market.

When combined with the native integration of lemlist, lemcal becomes a one-of-a-kind power tool that increases your conversion rates and helps to close deals.

PRM Tool
Best for
Free Pan
Product Hunt - 4.8
G2 - 4.7
Reduced no-shows and personalized booking
Connection to 1 calendar, 3 active meeting types, unlimited availability schedules, multiple attendees, multiple integrations, ultra-customization,customized questions to qualify your prospects, native lemlist integration, reminders, embed on your website, import existing configurations
G2 - 3.8
Basic Scheduling Needs
Calendar sync, reminders and notifications, add your logo and pick a color for your booking page
G2 - 4.8
Scheduling between multiple team members
3 team members, 2 locations, 2 classes, unlimited appointments, email notifications, online booking page, PayPal payments, 8+ integrations
G2 - 4.4
Group polling and availability sharing
1 booking page that includes ads, One 1:1 meeting that includes ads
G2 - 4.7
Rich integrations and widely used scheduling
1 event type, basic integrations with tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCloud, automated notifications, scheduling page, availability sharing
G2 - 4.4
Appointment management
Bookings and reminders limited to 100, 1 user, 1 calendar connection, 5 event types
G2 - 4.5
Unlimited appointments
Unlimited appointments, mobile app (iOS and Android), class booking, task management (for a fee)